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Seitenmarkise BORA

BORA Seitenmarkise Markisen nach Maß in Farbe AWN 0054 Melbourne, im Knall Onlineshop. Grün ist eine der präsentesten und bedeutendsten Farben in unserer Umwelt. Es symbolisiert Natur, Entwicklung, Harmonie, Frieden und Stabilität. Grün wird auch mit einem Gefühl von Leichtigkeit und Freiheit in Verbindung gebracht, was es ideal für Menschen macht, die mehr Ruhe und Ausgeglichenheit in ihr Leben bringen möchten. In der Architektur wird Grün oft als Akzent verwendet, um dem Inneren oder Äußeren eines Gebäudes mehr Natur zu verleihen. Grün steht auch für Ökologie und Umwelt. Es ist auch sehr entspannend, was helfen kann, Stress und Angst abzubauen. Im Allgemeinen ist Grün eine sehr wichtige und wertvolle Farbe, die mehr positive Emotionen und gute Energie in unser Leben bringen kann.

Seitenmarkise BORA

BORA Seitenmarkise, senkrecht zum Boden montiert, Federkraft. Einfache und solide Konstruktion aus stranggepresstem Aluminium.
2 Jahre Garantie Sicher einkaufen Fabrik online Europa Hergestellt

Zamów powyżej 400 zł, przesyłka będzie DARMOWA.
Koszt wysyłki zamówienia o wartości do 400 zł bis 19,90 zł.

Idealne dopasowanie

BORA awning

a sun protection product installed outside the building, vertically to the ground, with a side pull-out system. It is also used as a screen separating a part of a terrace or usable area

Wysoka jakość


  • The structure of the system is made of extruded aluminum, which ensures the durability and strength of the awning.
  • They protect against intense solar radiation and provide privacy.
  • No need for power - spring drive.
  • Simple structure and solid workmanship.
  • Three variants of mounting the front post to different surfaces
  • The railing bracket includes a angle piece and a hook and has a positioning angle lock
  • Awning fabrics are produced on the basis of high-quality materials, covered with an impregnation agent that constitutes a protective barrier and increases resistance to dirt.
  • Excellent optical and thermal comfort. Protection against harmful UV radiation.
  • Thanks to its aesthetic values, apart from the shading and partitioning function, Bora can be a perfect decorative element of the building, emphasizing its individual and unique character


Ramiona krzyżowe

Your space under protection

Roof skylights, translucent roofs or winter gardens are not only an effective architectural treatment, but also brighter and more comfortable rooms. However, glazed surfaces are the main place where sunlight penetrates. In order for the interiors to fulfill their functions properly, not to turn into artificial greenhouses and to provide comfort to users, it is worth taking care of appropriate sun protection at the design stage.

A perfect solution is the use of VERANDA textile roller blinds, which are used to darken large, flat surfaces, both horizontal and diagonal. The fabrics used in these roller blinds, thanks to their properties, do not allow the greenhouse effect inside the room. This enables lower consumption of air conditioning, and thus the reduction of energy expenditure, which significantly reduces the operating costs of the entire building.



  • Construction made of extruded aluminum
  • Fabric tension system
  • Indoor or outdoor mounting
  • A wide range of fabrics
  • Electric drive
  • The system works at any angle of inclination (while maintaining the horizontal position of the cassette)
  • Option to create modules
  • The structure can be painted in any color from the RAL palette

Worth remembering

The product can be used both inside and outside the building. VERANDA is available only with electric control, and the possibility of using weather automation allows the user to control the amount of light entering the room.
The use of aluminum mounting brackets enables quick and easy assembly of the product.

  • The Veranda system works at any angle of inclination
  • Veranda is available only with electric drive

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